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PostSubject: About this Category   Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:44 am

About Category "Introduce yourself"


You are currently at a have-to-read topic about this category. First of all, the idea of it is to members tell something more about them, that can't be found in the profile. So, do not open theme to say something only about telling how the Forum is good, or to tell "Hi!".

The bad example of posting:
Quote :
Hello, my name is Lazar, and I want to say Hi! to everybody, because this Forum rocks!

The good example of posting:
Quote :
Hello everyone,

My name is Lazar Ljubenovic, I'm 12 years old and I come from Serbia (Nis)! I really like this forum, I'm great fan of Harry Potter! I have read all the books, and... Somehow, I don't like the end, it's just not realistic to all of the three main characters survive, and also, that no one have betrayed anyone... A bit too good, but oh well.

Most of my time I spend playing computer games, especially working in photoshop! So... That's it! I really don't have anything more to say... for now!

So, the plan would be like to write your name, last name, age, country, some your opinions in Harry Potter books / movies, and your hobbies, occupations...

All topics will be closed 7 days after opening it by Moderator of this section. That is enough to introduce yourself to everyone.
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About this Category
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